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Ozzy Osbourne Says Young Artists Should Enjoy the Early Successes
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

When a Rock and Roll superstar like Ozzy Osbourne gives you advice about your budding career, you’d do well to listen!

In a recent interview with In the Studio, the Black Sabbath singer says it’s the early successes that young hopefuls should be enjoying upon entering the industry, stating, “If you crack the egg, man, enjoy those first few years – because you never recapture them.”

Ozzy goes on to explain that the Sabbath’s first two records were the greatest experiences for the band, because egos and pressures from the industry weren’t as prominent as they became in later years; factors that led to his substance abuse problems and eventual  release from the group.

Having addressed his issues and sought out help over the decades, Ozzy has managed to find his way back to the band that brought him fame. Black Sabbath is currently working on their first album with Osbourne since 1979’s Never Say Die! and are set to headline Ozzfest Japan in 2013.

Still, he maintains that being aware of initial career achievements is important for rising stars, noting, “Success does change you.”

For Ozzy’s entire interview with In the Studio, click here, and head to the Black Sabbath official website for more updates on the band’s upcoming album.

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