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Heart Celebrates Led Zeppelin
By: Gary Graff

Led Zeppelin takes center stage at tonight's (December 26) broadcast of the Kennedy Center Honors, and avowed fans Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart were on hand to be part of the celebration.

The sisters were part of an all-star performance of the group's "Stairway To Heaven," and Ann Wilson tells us that it was one of the highlights of their career: "Oh, man, that was one of the most powerful highs I've ever front of the Obamas and, y'know, Led Zeppelin and a house full of real heavies, I mean actors, politicians, artists, people in the world and the country that you never think you're gonna meet, let alone stand up and sing in front of."

Wilson also acknowledged that there was a bit of pressure in taking on one of the most iconic songs in Led Zep's catalog -- and in all of rock 'n' roll, for that matter: "It wasn't like they said, 'Here, we're gonna throw you a bone. You can do 'Rock and Roll' or some song like that.' No, it was like probably the most potent Zeppelin song ever written. We really had an amazing evening and it came off really well. It worked really, really well. Nancy and I were just so thrilled. We were so stoked afterwards."

Coming off a year that saw the release of a box set ("Strange Euphoria"), a new album "Fanatic") and a book ("Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul and Rock and Roll"), Heart is also excited about its upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which will take place April 18 in Los Angeles.

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