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Mark Chapman's Copy of Double Fantasy for Auction
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

The story of John Lennon’smurder is well-known among Rock and Roll fans, as are the strange circumstances of the situation.

Mark David Chapman, who harbored an obsession for the former Beatle, shot and killed Lennon outside his home at the Dakota House on December 8th 1980, after which he sat calmly on a nearby sidewalk until the police arrived. By that time he was unarmed, and holding a copy of The Catcher in the Rye.

That fateful encounter, however, was not Chapman’s first with the iconic artist. Earlier that day, he had Lennon sign a copy of the album Double Fantasy, which later became evidence used to convict Chapman for murder.

Now, that exact copy of Double Fantasy is being sold in an online auction through an autograph dealer called Moments in Time Inc.

According to the company’s website, the album was originally acquired by a man who found it a flower planter outside the Dakota and held onto for 19 years following the trial. The LP has since changed hands a couple of times, and has recently become available again.

The album’s sleeve bears Lennon’s signature and is dated 1980; the cover and dust jacket feature Chapman’s forensically enhanced fingerprints.

Bob Zafian, spokesperson for Moments in Time, said of the item, “We are very excited to bring such a historically significant piece to the market. I have never come across a piece with such provenance; police reports, fingerprint documentation, letters from the District Attorney, it goes on and on.”

The website does not divulge how much they are asking for the album, but instead notes that the price is “Available Upon Request.”

This year, Mark David Chapman was denied parole for the seventh time, after submitting a request in August; he is eligible again in 2014.

For more information, head to the Moment in Time official website.

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