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Fleetwood Mac Rumored for Glastonbury Spot in 2013
By: Gary Graff

Fleetwood Mac has long been an American-based band (two members in Los Angeles, two in Hawaii), but the group's just-announced tour has fans in Britain -- where the group formed during 1967 -- hoping for a return to its homeland.

A comment by Stevie Nicks that the group may play the European festival circuit next summer has some speculating that the Mac will be one of the headliners at the 2013 Glastonbury Festival, and organizer Emily Eavis told New Musical Express that "Fleetwood Mac would be amazing to get."

So let's add more fuel to the fire; if the group winds up in England, would it be able to shake former member Christine McVie, who left the Mac in 1998 to live a quiet English countryside life, out of her retirement for a special guest appearance? Nicks tell us she'd love that to happen but isn't expecting it:

"It's certainly not as much fun as having Chris because when I had her, I had a best friend, y'know? Since 1975 I had somebody who I considered to be one of my several girlfriends that are my best friends, and so when she left it was really devastating.”

“Am I very lonely without her? Very. And I wish she'd change her mind and come back, but it doesn't seem she's ever going to, so we've given up on that."

Fleetwood Mac has announced a 34-date first leg of its tour to begin April 4 in Columbus, Ohio, and finish June 13 in Detroit. The group will release some new songs before the tour, though not an entire album.

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