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Yoko Ono Launching New John Lennon-Inspired Fashion Line
By: Mike Bober

We all know that fashion can be a little kooky at times, but as far as clothing lines go, this one may be among the strangest ever!

Yoko Ono’sFashions for Men 1969-2012” clothing line for Opening Ceremony, is oddly enough, something you would expect from the famous author, artist and widow of John Lennon.

The clothing was developed from Yoko Ono’s sketches that she drew all the way back in 1969 for Lennon. Opening Ceremony’s co-founder, Humberto Leon spoke with Spin and explained that “She (Yoko), in a very simple manner, wanted to celebrate the body parts of John that she felt were exciting to her.”

And when you get a chance to look at the line, you’ll see exactly what those were.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your own personal tastes), they only produced 18 articles of clothing from her sketches, and only 52 of each piece. However, Leon did admit that there could be more in the works, as Yoko has plenty of sketches left over.

The bottom line is, these are some bizarre pieces of work, but ones you would expect from a couple that were so comfortable with themselves and with each other (don’t forget about their Two Virgins album cover when they both posed naked).

To check out the clothing line, head to the Opening Ceremony website and be sure to check out Leon’s interview at Spin here.

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