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Jimmy Page Says Led Zeppelin is Still Negotiating for Remasters


Fans that have been waiting in anticipation for some rare Led Zeppelin music haven't been doing so in vain. The iconic UK band recently announced that they are planning to re-release their entire catalog digitally remastered with added material sometime in the near future!

The bad news is that the project is now being delayed until all of the members can get on the same page.

Axe-man Jimmy Page recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss what the remasters will contain and what’s currently holding up the project.

We all know that when the group lost drummer, John Bonham, in 1980 they basically called it quits. That being said, Page wanted to stress that, although Zeppelin may not be releasing brand new material, there will be different takes on their now classic songs, complete with new mixes.

He added about the bonus material, "And I'm not just throwing on any old flotsam and jetsam, this will be really substantial stuff."

When Page was asked about the release date of the project, he explained, "It will be coming out, bit by bit…You've got to get to the point where all of the members of the group are in agreement, I would hope it is sooner rather than later. But it will be in the course of next year and going on for awhile.”

Hopefully Led Zeppelin can avoid a “Communication Breakdown” and get on the same page so we can get our hands on this stuff as quickly as possible!

To read everything Page had to say about the project, head to Rolling Stone.

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