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Last week we were talking with listeners about albums that they wore out growing up (Live Bullet, Dark Side of the Moon, Frampton Comes Alive, etc.). And it’s interesting that so many of those memories revolve around headphones -- who didn’t listen to Dark Side of the Moon with a set of headphones on?

So when I saw the Sol Republic headphones -- it took me back and forward at the same time. Back to a time where you focused on the music and the experience - forward because these take the digital experience to the next level (listen to CSX on your iphone/ipad/droid/PC with these on and you’ll understand. It’s pure, clean sound)


Couple of things you’ll notice right away with the Sol Republic Tracks:

- Wonderful deep bass without digital splatter (listening to the baselines on Zeppelin with these on....tremendous)

- The on-ear sound is such a different experience (so used to putting in earbuds, it takes time to adjust - and I mean that in a good way).

We’re in an era where remastered albums are coming out weekly. When’s the last time you put on a pair of headphones and listened to “Band On The Run” or any of the new Rolling Stones remastered like “Some Girls”?

The WCSX mobile app married to these headphones definitely changes the game. Whether in the gym, reading a book or just relaxing - I found myself rediscovering the intricacies of Classic Rock. Sol Republic uses the slogan “soundtrack of life”. Isn’t that why we fell in love with Classic Rock in the first place, and one of the main reasons we keep coming back?

And I’ve buried the lead - check out the Michigan State band on these!


The headband slides out and can be replaced with tons of different colors, designs, etc. - and the high quality means these are VERY durable (headbands guaranteed for 1,000 days - as a Dad with two sons, that’s a very attractive feature).

Sol Republic Tracks start at $99.99 and are available at (check out the HD and ultra on-ear - they also have in ear options available).   

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