Happy Birthday Phil Collins!
By: Ray Hidalgo

When Phil Collins stepped in as Genesis’ replacement drummer in 1970, he probably couldn’t imagine that he’d write up one of the more memorable soundtracks in Disney lore (Tarzan), play the main character in a mainstream flick about the Great Train Robbery of 1963 (Buster), or have his material sampled in the trailer for a widely-anticipated video game (Dead Space 3). Nor sing...period (No, really).

Today he is 62 years old. Thankfully, he discovered his true talent decades ago and there’s plenty of hardware to show for it. Now living in Switzerland, however, the Grammy-winning artist hasn’t let all the success go to his head. In an interview with Bankrate.com, Collins reveals that in the days since he earned $20 a week with Genesis, nothing much has changed.

“If you look at my (curriculum vitae) and what I've done, I guess I should have a bigger house, but I don't,” Collins said. “I'm on a corner, I'm very accessible. People, if they wanted to - they don't in Switzerland - can ring the bell, and I answer the door. That surprises people, that I answer the door.”

To this down-to-earth Rock and Roll icon: Happy Birthday!

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