To be honest, the last tablet/phone I tried was an absolute train wreck (LG Intuition). Clunky, poorly thought out (no place for the stylus...really?) and just a big block that served no real purpose.

But then I got the Samsung Galaxy Note II and was reminded why they’re the best Android platform in the world (and some would argue better than Apple...but I don’t want to get sued, so we’ll move on).

This device is powerful. 1.6 GHz quad core processor. 5.5” HD SuperAMOLED screen (with 1080 HD video playback). Great call quality, simple to set up and the S-pen is very functional with the S note, S planner and much more.

Camera quality is great -- still lags a bit on focus. But I really enjoyed using this device at the Corvette unveiling and the Press day at the auto show (including the very entertaining Paper Artist app).

I have a simple gauge for new devices that I test. Is it a noticeable upgrade from the existing device, either replacing something or enhancing your world. Toys for the sake of more toys? No thanks. Got enough of them. And THAT is what makes the Samsung Galaxy Note II such a game changer. You’ll start to think about how you use it from the first day...and it just gets better.

The Samsung Galaxy II. It's changing how we look at tablets (still love you Ipad2...just sayin')

Bottom line: If you’re a fan of the android platform, look at this device. If you’re in the market for more than a phone - but don’t want to lug around a tablet - look at this device. The Samsung Galaxy Note II is an open book that’s pushing how we look at mobile devices. And I love it.

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