Paul McCartney Discusses His Mistake During Closing Ceremonies
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

When someone like Sir Paul McCartney embarrasses themselves, it’s pretty much ensured that millions of people are probably going to bear witness to it.

That’s exactly what happened during Paul’s performance at the Closing Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London this past summer, when he launched into his performance of “Hey Jude” and viewers noticed something a little bit off.

McCartney recently opened up about what happened during an interview with NME magazine (via Express), stating simply that he missed his cue, starting the song too early.

But how could a seasoned performer such as Paul McCartney make such a rookie mistake? He blames in on the bell!

“Well, there's this bloody great bell that we didn't know about. It was deafening...We prerecorded a playback in case all hell broke loose,” he explains. “We were live, everyone was there, the world was ready and this bloody great bell goes off. And I forget I've gotta wait for it, so I go, 'Hey Jude', and someone presses the playback.”

McCartney continues,“So there's me on the backing track, and actual me; two of us singing. The drummer wouldn't look at me because he was in hysterics and I was thinking, 'What have I done?' There was no stopping, it was the Olympics."

Fortunately, the former Beatle was able to recover from his mistake and ended the performance strong; much like many of the Olympic athletes he was playing for did during the Games!

For more on this story, click here, and watch McCartney’s slipup below!

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