Joe Perry is Uncertain About Aerosmith's Future
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

may have just released a new studio album, and finished up the second leg of their Global Warming tour, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the band will be continuing the trend in 2013.

Guitarist Joe Perry recently revealed in an interview with Noisecreep (via Classic Rock Magazine) that he was confident that Music From Another Dimension would get made, but the future is a bit more uncertain.

He stated, “We knew we had another record in us, despite what many have said. I make no bones about it: I don’t know if we’re going to make another record.”

Many may cite the famously tumultuous relationship among the band’s members as the reason behind them not wanting to get back into the studio. Perry, however, says it’s that very relationship that makes the band great:

“Our disagreements make us dynamic. If we all thought the same way, nothing good would happen.”

Another reason that Aerosmith may not be interested in recording a 16th studio album is unhappiness with the way that Music From Another Dimension turned out. Again, Perry disputes that by explaining that the Jack Douglas-produced record has quickly become one of his favorites:

“I really didn’t like Done With Mirrors. I didn’t like Just Push Play. There are other records I think were good for their time, like Toys in the Attic and Rocks. I still listen to those, and I put this one in that category – a record I will continue to listen to a lot. I can’t get enough of this one.”

So, maybe it’s that the Boston rockers don’t want to get burned out, or maybe it’s that Perry doesn’t want to make empty promises for the future, but one thing’s for certain: if Aerosmith does decide to release new music, we will definitely be listening.

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