You saw the headline and started thinking “ohhhh, he hated it!”. Not the case at all.

The 2013 GMC Terrain Denali is a very good vehicle that becomes great when you get in it at night. The first night I had it, used the remote start – went out to take the boys to Church group and just sat there. The black leather wrapped around you and red lighting of the control panel gives a very comfortable, modern and warm feel.

Heated seats, properly lit read outs, and enough headroom for this 6’5″ guy to sit tall and have good sight lines. And did I mention the details?

You’ll notice the red stitching on the dash pad, and the fit and finish is perfect (I’d expect nothing less from GMC). Okay – looks great inside, comfy and well thought out (although the touchscreen could be a littler closer for shorter drivers and passengers – never been a fan of the angled back screen). What about on the road?

I had the four wheel drive version of the Denali – and fortunately we got a nice November snow to really see what it would do. Best compliment I can give the Terrain Denali, I felt completely safe with the family in the car – and never felt like the weather was going to dictate how I drove. The Denali is very stable and perfect for Michigan winters.

Couple of points to make:

- You definitely pay more for a GMC (starting in the mid 30′s). But while I’ve always had a problem paying the GMC premium for a truck, I’d gladly recommend the Terrain Denali to anyone looking for a daily driver that can haul the kids, take the trip up north and run errands – while still looking cool enough to valet at Granite City in Troy.

- the lane warning sensor on the dash drove me nuts (it alerts you when you’re drifting in lanes, and yes – it beeped a lot). Good idea – but glad I could turn it off.

- Styling. Most people I know love the look, but there were a few that thought it was “blocky” (is that a word?). I like aggressive styling, and the GMC look is one of my favorites (then again, I was a big fan of the AMC Rebel..so there)

- Mileage. 32 mpg on the freeway, 22 in the city. I was mid 20′s combined for the week I drove it. Very happy.

Bottom line: the 2013 GMC Terrain Denali is described by GMC as a “small luxury SUV”. Perfect description.

This is the definition of “I’m worth it” in an SUV. Comfy, nice ride, safe and richly appointed. Drive it at night though – trust me, you’ll love it.

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