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  • Ken Calvert

    Blogger, Podcaster, Morning Show DJ Emeritus

    What’s your name? Ken Calvert

    How does your best friend describe you? "Funny, honest and dependable" Pete Leonard Author and best friend since third grade

    How does your worst enemy describe you? "Funny, honest and dependable"

    What continent can your lineage be traced back to? Canada and Detroit

    Have you ever worked as a mascot? Yes! I was the Brother Rice 'Warrior' mascot

    Dogs, cats, or both, or neither? Dogs!

    If I inspect your refrigerator, what will I find in it? Food that requires refrigeration

    What cars are in your dream garage? '63 Split-Window Candy Apple Red Corvette

    Who’s the first celebrity you ever interviewed? Bob Seger The second? Elmore Leonard (Pete's Dad)

    Who’s the WORST interview you’ve ever attempted to conduct? David Crosby The best? Paul McCartney

    What’s in YOUR wallet? I have a George Costanza's wallet

    Bob Seger walks into the room unexpectedly. What do you say? Hi Bob (and take a drink)

    Matt Stafford walks into the room unexpectedly. What do you say? Hi Matt (and buy him a drink) If broadcasting were outlawed, you would: Be very lonely

    What do you do when the vending machine completely refuses to accept your dollar bill? Talk to the machine like I'm Joe Pecsi and I do the "Funny like a clown" quote. "You think this is funny...funny how?"

    The greatest year for classic rock was: 1969 Because: Look at the release date of the greatest rock releases of all-time.

    Person you most admire? My wife

    Admit it. You’re afraid of the Mackinac Bridge, aren’t you…..Terrified!!!

    You hate Ohio State because……Seriously? I grew up with Bo and Woody generation.

    Are you Facebook friends with your high school prom date? wife

    What would you give to see the Tigers win it all this year? I lived '68 and '84 so at least I can say three's nothing better!

    How do you explain the adventures of Kwame Kilpatrick to someone who’s never heard of him? I hope I'm flying to China with someone writing a book on Detroit.

    What do you love about Detroit? Our enormous giving hearts and willingness to accept the incorrect negative perception yet...welcome strangers and say "welcome and can I help you"

    What do you love about WCSX? Working here! This is where it will end. I saved the best for last. God speed Detroit and Detroit radio.


Eddie Van Halen - 60 years old!

Simply put one of the very best!  The Van Halen guitarist redefined the sound and style of rock guitar. Read more...

NBA Looking in to Charges That Pistons' Head Coach Stan Van Gundy is Wearing "Deflated Pants"

Jaques Vaughn (Orlando Head Coach) figured it out Wednesday night following the Magic loss to the Pistons.  "IT" is Stan Van Gundy's pants.  "It's not the release of Josh Smith, it turns out he's wearing "Deflated Pants"!  It happened during a late time-out against San Antonio when SVG told the team to "Build a F***ing Wall". The team obliged and Stan deflated his trousers.  NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is reviewing the tape from the Detroit v San Antonio game.  Read more...

We Lost Wolfman Jack (Robert Smith) 20 Years Ago

When I heard tthe news it was like a punch in the gut. Wolfman Jack gone? His gravelly voice and wild antics, heard on high-powered stations from just south of the Mexican border, earned the American DJ a loyal following that included a young George Lucas, who later incorporated his radio patter into American Graffiti. That led to him becoming host of NBC's Midnight Special. He died of a heart attack July 1st, 1995 at 57. Read more...

Happy Birthday To Paul Stanley

Happy birthday to Paul Stanley of KISS. The singer-guitarist, who was born Stanley Eisen, turns 63 today (Tuesday). (Premier) Read more...

NFL Reportedly Investigating if Patriots Used "Deflated Balls" in AFC Championship Game

(FOX News) No sooner did the New England Patriots clinch a trip to the Super Bowl than fresh allegations of cheating emerged against the franchise late Sunday, this time involving deflated footballs. Read more...

BOB DYLAN'S: "SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT" New Album Out February 3rd.

Maybe I need to hear to hear the entire album.  I'm talking about Dylan's pending release of "Shadows In The Night" Read more...

GRATEFUL DEAD: Farewell to the Core Four

Bob Weir says the Grateful Dead's 50th anniversary reunion shows on July 3rd, 4th and 5th at Soldier Field in Chicago will mark the end for the band's "core four" -- Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart. He says, "These will be the last shows with the four of us together."

Weir adds that they thought of numerous ways to bring the Dead to an end. "We had to sort through a number of options. Were we going to do a festival-style event or go back to our classic mode of an evening with the band? We narrowed it down to: Let's just do it simple and clean."

Promoters were all over the band with offers. One had them staging in Indio, California, sight of Coachella; another was for $3 million to headline Bonnaroo. Chicago won out because not only was it where Jerry Garcia did his last shows with the band in 1995, but because it is centrally located. And as for it being held over the July 4th weekend, Jerry's daughter, Trixie, says, "This is an amazing American rock band being celebrated on America's birthday." (Premier)


Well, Gimme Some Water! EDDIE MONEY Bio Musical Opens Tonight on Long Island

Built around his classic hits -- and seven songs written specifically for the show -- Money's journey from police officer to rock and roll powerhouse is certainly unique. So is the loyalty of his fans. Read more...

"I Can't Explain" was released as a single in Britain 50 years ago today (January 15th, 1965).

“‘[I] Can’t Explain’ was recorded in about 10 minutes on an afternoon, and they wouldn’t let us do our own backing vocals. They wouldn’t let Pete play lead guitar, Jimmy Page played lead guitar on it, and like I say, it took 10 minutes to record. It would’ve been better if it took 20 minutes to record and Pete had played the lead guitar.” (Premier) Read more...

A Sofa, a Skateboard and Clown Plus a Cast of Thousands is 24

How did we ever survive without "DOH"?  Premiered 1990 Read more...