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    Blogger, Podcaster, Morning Show DJ Emeritus

    What’s your name? Ken Calvert

    How does your best friend describe you? "Funny, honest and dependable" Pete Leonard Author and best friend since third grade

    How does your worst enemy describe you? "Funny, honest and dependable"

    What continent can your lineage be traced back to? Canada and Detroit

    Have you ever worked as a mascot? Yes! I was the Brother Rice 'Warrior' mascot

    Dogs, cats, or both, or neither? Dogs!

    If I inspect your refrigerator, what will I find in it? Food that requires refrigeration

    What cars are in your dream garage? '63 Split-Window Candy Apple Red Corvette

    Who’s the first celebrity you ever interviewed? Bob Seger The second? Elmore Leonard (Pete's Dad)

    Who’s the WORST interview you’ve ever attempted to conduct? David Crosby The best? Paul McCartney

    What’s in YOUR wallet? I have a George Costanza's wallet

    Bob Seger walks into the room unexpectedly. What do you say? Hi Bob (and take a drink)

    Matt Stafford walks into the room unexpectedly. What do you say? Hi Matt (and buy him a drink) If broadcasting were outlawed, you would: Be very lonely

    What do you do when the vending machine completely refuses to accept your dollar bill? Talk to the machine like I'm Joe Pecsi and I do the "Funny like a clown" quote. "You think this is funny...funny how?"

    The greatest year for classic rock was: 1969 Because: Look at the release date of the greatest rock releases of all-time.

    Person you most admire? My wife

    Admit it. You’re afraid of the Mackinac Bridge, aren’t you…..Terrified!!!

    You hate Ohio State because……Seriously? I grew up with Bo and Woody generation.

    Are you Facebook friends with your high school prom date? wife

    What would you give to see the Tigers win it all this year? I lived '68 and '84 so at least I can say three's nothing better!

    How do you explain the adventures of Kwame Kilpatrick to someone who’s never heard of him? I hope I'm flying to China with someone writing a book on Detroit.

    What do you love about Detroit? Our enormous giving hearts and willingness to accept the incorrect negative perception yet...welcome strangers and say "welcome and can I help you"

    What do you love about WCSX? Working here! This is where it will end. I saved the best for last. God speed Detroit and Detroit radio.


BOB SEGER: About to Get Woofa Goofa Mama Toofa


(Yahoo) The folks at Yahoo Music have put together a list of the Top 10 Worst Rock Lyricists of All-Time and Paul McCartney, without question the world's most popular and successful lyricist, is at number-10.

Writer Rob O'Connor argues, "McCartney chooses to be lousy. He's smart enough to write something decent. But he's lazy like a pothead." As evidence, he cites "Live and Let Die" ("In this ever-changing world in which we live in") and says "Sometimes you get so rich the rules of decent grammar never apply."

Gene Simmons is number-three: "It's as if he aimed for the worst lyrics possible. First thought, only thought. Time is money. Get it over with and move on."

Jon Bon Jovi is number-two: "Bon Jovi often wonders why he isn't taken more seriously. The guy's never met a cliché he couldn't marry."

The complete list:

  1. Alanis Morissette
  2. Jon Bon Jovi of Bon Jovi
  3. Gene Simmons of KISS
  4. Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries
  5. Trey Anastasio of Phish
  6. Gavin Rossdale - Bush
  7. Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes
  8. Neil Peart of Rush
  9. Jewel
  10. Paul McCartney

Neil Young - 69 years old (With Audio)

( Premier) "Heart of Gold" was the Canada native's biggest solo single. The singer-guitarist-songwriter first found fame in The Buffalo Springfield ("For What It's Worth"), whose Stephen Stills joined him in rock's most famous '70s foursome, Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Neil claims his musical interests were born when his father gave him a ukulele for Christmas in 1958. Hit Play Bar above to hear the story of how Neil and Stills met...twice! Read more...

What number-two hit in the U-K, only reaches number-74 in America?

The Who's "My Generation" is released as a single in the U-S. A number-two hit in the U-K, it only reaches number-74 in America. Read more...


Get Out The Vote!  Thank You

Today is National Sandwich Day, What's Your Fave?

Make mine a BLT, no a Club, No Corned Beef on Rye, No a Grilled Cheese, no a... Read more...


Happy Halloween! Check Out These Classic Routines From Jerry Seinfeld and John Pinette

If tonights weather prediction holds up (and it will) it's going to be brutal.  Last year same thing!  Nothing worse than being a kid having to wear a jacket over your Batman Costume. Well give the little gangsters a "little something extra" for their super efforts tonight.  Happy Halloween! (click on playbar) Read more...