Ray Davies Addresses the Possibility of a Kinks Reunion
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

Last month, fans were excited to hear about the possibility of a Kinks reunion tour when Dave Davies dropped some hints during an interview.

"I really do want to do something with Ray before we both decay and decompose. I said to Ray last week, ‘We don’t have much time left,’" Davies told Rolling Stone.

Now, Ray Davies has revealed to BBC Breakfast that the brothers are seriously considering some sort of project, with negotiations in the works and Dave currently talking with his agent.

Unfortunately, conflicting ideas of what that project might be could hold the Davies brothers back from actually making a reunion a reality.

In his interview with Rolling Stone, Dave noted specifically that he doesn’t want to work in the studio with his brother, with whom he’s had a famously tumultuous relationship.

"I can't face the concept of days and days in the studio with Ray. I just can't do it," Dave told Rolling Stone.

Meanwhile, Ray told BBC Breakfast that he would only be interested in a Kinks reunion if the possibility of creating new material was there.

"There's got to be new music involved. I'm proud of that back catalogue and I play it when I do shows," Davies explained to BBC. "I was talking to my brother about two weeks ago. As long as there's something new to go forward with rather than stay in the past, I'm interested."

Still, we’ll continue to keep our fingers crossed that the Davies brothers can work something out and get back out on the road come 2014, right in time for the band's 50th anniversary!

For Ray Davies entire interview with BBC Breakfast, click here, and head to RollingStone.com for more of Davie Davies thoughts on a Kinks reunion.

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