Steven Tyler Talks Plans for Solo Debut
By: Troy Frisby

Steven Tyler
has rocked out for the world with songs like “Walk This Way” and “Dream On,” but now the Aerosmith frontman has unveiled plans to walk his own way and produce his first solo album.

Citing his bandmate Joe Perry’s past solo albums, Tyler explained that he too has the desire to trying something different. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, he went on to talk about the fun he had recording “(It) Feels So Good,” a song he wrote in 2011 with successful songwriter Marti Frederiksen.

“I’ve got this itch in me to do a solo record, and that’s what I’m gonna do next,” Tyler told Rolling Stone. “I’ve got some great people that want to get involved in it. It’s early on right now, but that’s the itch I’ve got.”

Still, Tyler was quick to point out that things with Aerosmith have “never been better” and that the band “will always be around,” but he has a desire to try out new genres, particularly electronic music, and plans to begin work on the album sometime next year.

“I really want to take a little risk here and do something solo,” Tyler explained to Rolling Stone. “There’s no timeline – I’m gonna start in January and see where we get by March.”

Before he can get started on his solo album, though, Tyler has a number of upcoming shows, including three in the States and several more in Asia and Central America.

Upcoming U.S. Aerosmith Shows

  • 7/6 White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
  • 7/10 Mashantucket, Connecticut
  • 8/30 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

For more on Aerosmith and Steven Tyler’s solo plans, hit the band’s official site or follow Tyler on Twitter @IamStevenT.

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