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New Billy Idol Album Coming Out October 21st


Billy Idol
already has his memoir Dancing With Myself coming out October 7th, but he’s giving fans more, more, more with a new album!

Per his official website, Idol’s Kings & Queens of the Underground is due out October 21st, with the lead single “Can’t Break Me Down” already available for download on iTunes, where fans can also pre-order the whole album.

Embedded below, “Can’t Break Me Down” is so packed with catchy hooks that I dare anyone to try and listen to it just once.  (As I’m writing this, I just started my fourth go-around on the track; it’s that good!)

Idol currently has a European tour lined up for this November, but considering these two major releases, perhaps some new U.S. dates are on the horizon.

For more details on the new album and book, go to

Billy Idol - Kings & Queens of the Underground - Track List

1.  Bitter Pill
2.  Can’t Break Me Down
3.  Save Me Now
4.  One Breath Away
5.  Postcards From The Past
6.  Kings & Queens Of The Underground
7.  Eyes Wide Shut
8.  Ghosts In My Guitar
9.  Nothing To Fear
10.  Love And Glory
11.  Whiskey And Pills