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Billy Gibbons Talks Working With Rick Rubin

NASHVILLE, TN - JUNE 04: ZZ Top speaks onstage at the 2014 CMT Music Awards at Bridgestone Arena on June 4, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.
ZZ Top
is planning to return to the well from which it made its last album, 2012's "La Futura," with producer Rick Rubin.

Singer-guitarist Billy Gibbons says he remains in touch with Rubin and that there's plenty of material for the Texas trio's next project:

"There were 11 tracks released on 'La Futura,' and that was pulled from a total of 22 and...It was actually close to, I think we did actually 27 tracks, and out of those 27 it got boiled down to a favorite 22, which was a big pile of stuff. I said, 'Hey man, a double disc!' He (Rubin) said, 'No, no, let's continue to shake it out.' So there's probably another CD's worth of pretty righteous stuff. It's very tasty. There's some juicy cuts waiting to be heard."

Gibbons says that the group is waiting for its own tour schedule to clear -- ZZ Top has dates booked into November, including its current North American tour with Jeff Beck -- and also for Rubin to become available again:

"I'm still waiting on a call from Rick. That could be today. That could be 100 days from today...There's so many wild rumors about Rick and the remarkable success he`s enjoyed. The one element, no matter what direction he may be heading in and what artist he may be working with, is his remarkable sense of patience. He's in no hurry, and he doesn't expect the artist to get hasty...that willingness to allow a project to germinate and unfold in a logical manner."