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Awesome Live Moment: Billy Joel Sings “Uptown Girl” With Christie Brinkley In Crowd

Billy Joel
’s “Uptown Girl” doesn’t always make the set list, especially considering Joel divorced the song’s subject (Christie Brinkley) back in 1994, but I guess things change after 20 years…and if the “Uptown Girl” has primo seats in front.

At Joel’s most-recent Madison Square Garden residency show, he serenaded his ex-wife with the massive pop hit and made sure that one of his cameramen got a shot of her on the big screen, which the audience greeted with much applause.

Christie managed to get a still of herself on the screen, which she shared on her Instagram page, along with the caption, “He’s still got it!”

I don’t know which is more incredible:  How gorgeous Christie STILL is or how Billy nabbed her in the first place!  Whichever instance you choose, props to both of them.  What a great live music moment!