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Buffett Streaming Concerts Through “Margaritaville TV”

GULF SHORES, AL - JULY 11: Musician Jimmy Buffett performs onstage at Jimmy Buffett & Friends: Live from the Gulf Coast, a concert presented by CMT at on the beach on July 11, 2010 in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
Jimmy Buffett
has a new toy for his current summer concert tour -- Margaritaville TV.

Buffett has been using the online network to stream some of the concerts live during the tour, while others are being filmed and archived for some sort of later roll-out. Buffett tells us that so far the experiment has been a big success:

"I'm always out there talking to people, and someone runs up to me for an autograph and I ask them about Margaritaville TV, just to get input. I never had one person say...I said, 'OK, would you watch it as opposed to go to a show?' They say nah, they'd do both. That was the first thing from the street, kind of, to ask. There was one element of my inner circle that thought we'd be cannibalizing ourselves by going on television. I don't think so, so I played my instincts there."

Buffett says the concert streams have been getting about 10,000 viewers at a time. So far they've been free, but he's planning to create pay-per-view and subscription platforms for Margaritaville TV that will include other programming and may also be a vehicle for releasing new music.

Buffett is touring the U.S. through Zac Brown's Southern Ground Music & Food Festival on August 30 in Hershey, Pa., and also plays two shows during September in Paris.