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Yes Kicks Off North America Tour

Yes - "Heaven and Earth"
hits the road for its latest North American tour tonight (July 5) in Nichols, N.Y.

This time out the group will be playing two of its classic albums, 1971's "Fragile" and 1972's "Close to the Edge," along with some favorites from other titles and at least one song from its upcoming "Heaven and Earth," which comes out July 22.

Guitarist Steve Howe tells us the group is particularly looking forward to playing "Fragile" in its entirety for the first time ever:

" 'Fragile's' gonna be a little tentative at first. It's gonna be an experiment because of the way the music is on the album. How close we can get to those particular moves is gonna be our first challenge. I think the fact we're doing tunes that haven't had an outing for some period of time. I don't think we've ever played 'Five Per Cent of Nothing;' I mean, it does only last 34 seconds, but it's 34 seconds of sheer, ingenious heaven and it's a great thing to play...'We Have Heaven' is an enchanting song and 'Cans and Brahms,' 'The Fish' and also 'Mood For a Day,' so it's an interesting outing."

Yes will be touring North America through August 24, then heads to New Zealand, Australia and Japan in November.