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KISS Offer Behind-the-Scenes Look At KISSteria


In case you missed it:  KISS are celebrating their 40th anniversary by issuing an absolutely massive vinyl box set appropriately called KISSteria.

Per their Facebook page, a video was posted which offered a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the mini road case that houses ALL its contents, which include 19 studio albums, all “Alive” releases, all four 1978 solo albums and other recordings packaged exclusively in the box set that won’t be released individually.

All of that, plus 11 different promo posters, four photo lithographs and a certificate of authenticity with exclusive box number can be yours for just $1,749.99! (That’s not a typo; you’re reading the price correctly.)

After watching the video above, I’m thinking the effort that’s going into the road box assembly has something to do with the price, but I can’t help by wonder how many fans will shell out that kind of money for the box set. 

Check out the video below, which offers more details on the box set.  What do you think?  Is this box set worth the price tag?