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Steve Perry Pops Up At Eels Show For Third Time

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 06: Musician/Singer Steve Perry arrives for the premiere of DreamWorks Pictures' 'Need For Speed' at TCL Chinese Theatre on March 6, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
For the third time in three weeks, Steve Perry, once again, showed up at an Eels concert to perform a few songs with the band, and this time, he performed a different Journey classic.

In the video below, Perry introduces “Lights” and talks about the origins of the song, which apparently, he wrote while he was still living in Los Angeles, just before he moved to San Francisco to join Journey. 

Listen…I love the fact that Steve Perry is just showing up at these shows, but perhaps he has enough performances under his belt to consider performing a whole show of his own, if only to perform his lone solo hit, “Oh Sherrie,” which happens to be one of this writer’s favorite guilty pleasure songs/music videos.

Just a thought, Steve…just a thought.