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Apple Records Documentary Now Streaming On Hulu

Strange Fruit:  The Beatles' Apple Records
If you’re looking to take a break from catching up on various TV programs on Hulu (or if you’re already caught up), the streaming service has just added “Strange Fruit:  The Beatles’ Apple Records” to its every-growing inventory of films.

The two-and-a-half hour documentary chronicles the history of the independent record company under the Apple Corps umbrella, which included various divisions dedicated to film, retail and publishing.  It goes into incredible detail of how The Beatles envisioned creating a truly artist-friendly record label, as well as recounts the various acts that were signed to Apple Records.

When it comes to this portion of the Beatles’ history, there are few accounts as detailed as “Strange Fruit,” and it is definitely a must-watch for Beatle fanatics or those fascinated by music history.

Want to start watching the film right now? Simply click here.