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Have An Extra $25K Lying Around? You Could Own John Lennon’s Coat! - Lot #353 - John Lennon Owned Coat
With the celebration of The Beatles’ 50th anniversary of coming to America going strong, there seems to be a lot of auctions lately that feature various pieces of Fab-Four memorabilia.  The latest piece made public is a Pea coat once owned and worn by John Lennon.

…And the biding will start at $25,000.

The coat is being auctioned by Los Angeles-based Nate D. Sanders, Inc. and was given to them by Andrew B. Harvey.  In the certificate of authenticity, Harvey states that the coat was given to him “by Jon Hendricks, my (then) common-law wife's uncle” who knew Yoko Ono through the “Fluxism” art movement.  Hendricks would later come into possession of Lennon’s coat after Lennon left the coat at Hendricks’ home.

The certificate of authenticity also states, “It may well be the coat that John Lennon is wearing on the back of the British album release (I think) as 'Life With The Lions', - unless he had several of them.”

Considering the shady nature of the coat’s origins, it’s no surprise that there haven’t been any bids yet.  Of course, the $25k minimum bid price might also be a factor.

A photo of the coat can be seen below.  If you want to see additional photos (or perhaps bid on the coat), go to