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David Lee Roth Gets “Happy”

Well…now EVERYONE has done a rendition of Pharrell Williams’ mega hit.

By now, I’m sure you have come across dozens of renditions of “Happy.” (There seems to be a new version that goes viral every week or so on Facebook.)  This time, however, we finally get David Lee Roth’s take on the catchy pop tune.

Originally posted to “The Roth Show” YouTube channel, the clip also features Naturally 7, an A cappella group from New York that was performing in Tokyo, where Roth is currently residing.

I think my favorite part of this clip, besides the surrealness of it all, is that Roth clearly has no clue what the lyrics to the song are.  Pharrell actually sings other lyrics in the chorus, other than, “Because I’m happy.”  More than anything, Diamond Dave reminded me of the way most fathers try and sing along to a popular song and just kind of do their own thing.

In other words, David Lee Roth:  He’s just like your dad, except he’s slept with way more women and has a better high kick.