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Cream's Final Album Turns 45


This spring marks the 45th anniversary of Cream's final album, "Goodbye."

The set was something of an oddity with just six songs, including three studio tracks -- most notably the hit single "Badge" -- and live versions of "I'm So Glad," "Politician" and "Sitting on Top of the World" from an October 1968 concert at the Los Angeles Forum.

"Goodbye" was released in February of 1969, two and a half months after Cream played its final shows at London's Royal Albert Hall. Bassist Jack Bruce tells us he's never viewed "Goodbye" as a shining moment for the band:

"It was quite a sad album to make because it was a goodbye album. It was quite sad, and I don't think my contribution was really up to my normal standard. I didn't really come up with any really great songs there. I think that's an album that I didn't really think should be made, really. I went along with it...It was just, like, a cheeky British way of saying gooodbye, from the cover onwards."

"Badge" was co-written by the Beatles' George Harrison, though he wasn't credited on initial pressings of "Goodbye" due to legal issues; he also played guitar on the track, credited as "L'Angelo Misterioso. Bruce will be releasing a new solo album, "Silver Rails," on April 15 and begins a U.K. tour on March 13.