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Frampton Set To Tour


Peter Frampton has started rolling out his live dates for 2014, giving fans an indication of everything he's up to.

The four announced shows so far include one of his own on July 12 at the Bethel Woods Center For the Arts in New York, a pair with the Doobie Brothers and an August 27 show at the Hollywood Bowl with Buddy Guy that will be one of the Guitar Circus concerts that Frampton launched in 2013.

Frampton laid out his live plans for us in a recent conversation:

We will be doing about 12 dates, 10 or 12 dates as the Guitar Circus at the end of the summer, and Mr. Buddy Guy is joining us this time, which is phenomenal -- and obvious more guests. But before that we're starting, third week of June, we'll be going out with us and the Doobies co-headlining, so we'll be doing dates with them and I'll be doing dates on my own, yes. But I'm not going out until June because my daughter Mia graduates June 9, and all bets are off until she's graduated. I want to make sure I'm there for that."

Frampton is currently mixing recordings from the 2013 Guitar Circus shows for release via iTunes.