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Possible Vol. 2 For America’s “Back Pages”


There may be more where America's "Back Pages" album came from.

The duo's 2011 album featured covers of songs by Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys, Argent and even more contemporary acts such as Fountains of Wayne and New Radicals.

The group's Dewey Bunnell tells us that he and partner Gerry Beckley have plenty of other songs they'd like to cover, too, for a second volume of the concept:

"We are entertaining another, maybe a volume two of 'Back Pages'...but there's nothing on the books... You sit down and make a list of the songs you'd like to do by other writers or other artists -- 'What are our favorites?' It's unbelievable how it just opens a whole, you peel back the onion skins and there's so many songs we love. So that was just the tip of the iceberg. But we have a pretty energetic producer in Fred Mollin, who's been pushing us to block some time to do some more recording, so we're receptive to that."

America is currently on the road and plans to play up to 100 shows during 2014. Meanwhile, the group's first single, "A Horse With No Name," is prominently featured in a key scene from the Academy Award-nominated film "American Hustle."