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Will We Get New Music Soon From Styx?

Is there new music on the horizon for Styx? Could be, according to guitarist James "J.Y." Young.

Though the group hasn't released a new album since 2005's "Big Bang Theory," Young tells us there are ideas and songs floating around the Styx camp that the group members would like to put out in some form:

"We're writing...The ultimate thing is that we are threatening to start doing some recording, but the time frame of it has not been set. We are noodling on new music when we rehearse, so...there are some things. I don't know if there's anything from anybody we've reached consensus on, and we don't spend that much time on it."

"Big Bang Theory" peaked at No. 46 on the Billboard 200 and featured Styx's version of the Beatles' "I Am the Walrus," which had some success prior to the album's release.

Styx will be part of the Soundtrack of Summer Tour with Foreigner and former Eagles guitarist Don Felder, which kicks off May 16 in Oklahoma City.