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"Meet the Beatles" Turns 50!


On January 20, 1964 The Beatles released their legendary debut, Meet The Beatles, not only changing their lives, but changing the world along with them.

No bands have managed to have the same impact on contemporary rock quite like Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Together, they formed The Beatles, revolutionizing rock music and unwittingly kicking off a movement that would come to be known as “Beatlemania.” Crossing over into American with their 1964 success Meet The Beatles, the group combined their harmonies with the kind of energetic abandon sixties rock n’ roll desperately needed. The album spent 11 weeks at no. 1 on Billboard’s album chart, cementing The Beatles’ place as greats in rock n’ roll history.

The band truly broke through on February 9, 1964, when The Beatles made their iconic American television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. As Beatlemania continued, in just two short months, Meet The Beatles sold “more than 3.5 million copies” in the US as their loving “I Want To Hold Your Hand” charted at number one for seven weeks straight (keeping the top spot in the UK for five).

The “Fab Four” made history again (in a record that is likely never to be broken) when during the week of April 4, 1964 five of their songs occupied the top 5 positions on Billboard’s Hot 100. “Can’t Buy Me Love” snared the coveted number one spot, leaping from 27 to 1 almost overnight. Over the next six years, The Beatles would go on to have 45 more Top 40 hits until their heartbreaking split in April of 1970.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the album that would start it all, a 13-album collection is being released on January 21st and will span The Beatles’ early days with Meet The Beatles to their older, more evolved sound with Hey Jude! (1970).