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Musical Chronicling the Kinks’ Early Years Opening in 2014


The Kinks’ rise to fame in the ‘60s is an interesting story that involved great music, and now, frontman Ray Davies has decided to combine those two elements on stage!

According to a report from the BBC, a musical entitled “Sunny Afternoon” is set to make its premiere next year in London and will feature some of the Kinks’ biggest hits while outlining the band’s early success.

With a script written by playwright Joe Penhall, the show is still in its early stages, and casting details haven’t yet been revealed. However, it has been announced that “Sunny Afternoon” will open at London’s Hamstead Theatre.

Davies’ past theater experience includes 2008’s “Come Dancing;” a play which he wrote and narrated that featured both music from the Kinks and other original songs.

Meanwhile, rumors have been surfacing that 2014 could hold a 50th anniversary tour for the Kinks and possibly some new music from the Davies brothers; though Ray Davies recently told ABC News Radio that he is currently working on his next solo album.

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