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Ace Frehley’s New York Home Damaged in a Fire

When the smoke cleared at a New York house fire over the weekend, it was revealed that the property belonged to former KISS guitarist and rock icon, Ace Frehley.

According to The Journal News, the Yorktown Heights home went up in flames on Saturday (December 14), though luckily the house was vacant at the time.

Yorktown Heights Fire Chief Chet Swirski said in an official statement on Sunday that the fire had been ruled an accident and it was determined that a malfunction in the home’s electrical panel box was to blame.

The stone house was previously used as a recording studio, but now serves as a residential building, which is watched over by a caretaker.

Back in February, Frehley, who lives primarily in California, was summoned to court after the U.S. Bank National Association was looking to file foreclosure on the New York property after alleging that the rocker hadn’t paid his mortgage since 2011.

That battle remains seemingly unresolved, though Frehley took to his official Facebook page on Saturday to give an update on the house fire:

The official statement from the fire inspector was as follows: An electrical fire was caused by a tree falling on the wires in the backyard and shorting out the fuse box which in turn heated up the internal wiring in the walls and started the fire. I'm very thankful that no one was hurt!

The fire department and police did a great job, and I'm very grateful to them for all of their help and courage in this matter...job well done!

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