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Rock & Roll Money?

At some point we all have thought that bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were so successful it was like they were just printing money when they recorded an album or went on tour.

Thanks to the Rock& Roll fans at The Bank of England, they soon could be printing money emblazed with the mugs of Mick Jagger or The Beatles.

According to Classic Rock Magazine, The Bank of England asked “the public” who they would like to see smiling up at them from a new 10-pound note.  A list of 150 celebrities, royals, athletes, scientists, political figures and other notables were all nominated for spotlight on the new currency.

Mick Jagger and The Beatles made the list as did Princess Diana and soccer star David Beckham.

If you could pick a Rock & Roll legend to be featured on a $10 bill, who would you pick?