Gene Simmons Says KISS Won’t Reunite for Rock Hall Induction
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

has finally landed a nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but if they are inducted, fans shouldn’t expect a happy reunion between the band’s current and former members.

At least, according to Gene Simmons, who recently told (via Ultimate Guitar) that Ace Frehley and Peter Criss have had plenty of chances to be a part of KISS through the years, and a Hall of Fame induction wouldn’t change anything.

“Both of these guys had three chances to be in the band and three times they f****d it up. They were every bit as important as we were at the formation of the band and they would have been the ruin of the band had they continued in it,” Simmons explained to

The bassist goes on to descripe the volatile relationship between KISS, Frehley and Criss as cancerous, stating, “It used to be a part of your body then it turned into cancer so you gotta cut it out.”

Simmons also notes that he believes that both Frehley and Criss are better off without the band, both in their health and overall well-being, as they were on “junk, or crack or alcohol” during their tenure with KISS.

As Frehley and Criss were among the founding members of the group (along with Simmons and Paul Stanley), they would certainly be invited to the ceremony in the case that KISS is inducted into the Rock Hall. Whether or not the guitarist and drummer would choose to attend is an entirely different story.

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