Brian May Hints at New Queen Album -- with Freddie Mercury
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

Brian May
has gotten Queen fans flying into a frenzy with his latest comments!

In a recent interview at a charity event celebrating Freddie Mercury’s birthday, the guitar icon stated that the upcoming duets between Mercury and Michael Jackson, expected to be released this October, have inspired the band to revisit the possibility of a new album featuring their late frontman.

“We thought we’d exhausted everything that was around and could be worked on but since then a number of things have come to light from various sources that we’d just plain forgotten about, including stuff with Freddie and Michael Jackson and there’s quite a few other things.” May told iHeartRadio.

He continued, “Just a couple of weeks ago, we thought: Maybe we shouldn't be just doing odd bits and pieces...maybe we should be heading towards an album? So it just might be.”

In 1995, the UK rockers put out an album entitled Made in Heaven in which they used several vocal parts that Mercury had recorded before he passed away in 1991, combined with newly recorded parts from Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor.

May didn’t elaborate on whether or not a potential new release from Queen would follow that same format, though he did liken it to a “Made in Heaven II,” before making sure to mention that definitely wouldn't be the name of the record.

Check out Brian May’s entire interview here and be sure to tell us what you think about the possibility of some new Queen music in the comments section below!

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