Is Christine McVie Joining Fleetwood Mac’s Reunion Tour?
By: Gary Graff

It appears a Fleetwood Mac reunion with former member Christine McVie, at least for a song or two, may take place when the group performs in London on September 24, 25 and 27.

McVie moved back to England after leaving the band in 1998 and has kept a low profile ever since.

But BBC Radio 2 host Johnnie Walker said in a recent broadcast that he'd spoken with McVie and asked her if she might join her old bandmates, and she replied that, "If they ask me, I'll play."

Last year drummer Mick Fleetwood reached out to McVie about possibly working with the band again, flying her to his home in Hawaii and then over to Los Angeles where all five musicians had dinner together.

Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham tells us that he feels McVie will only make a featured appearance with the group, but that will be enough:

"I don't know what agenda Mick may or may not have had or what he thought he was gonna be able to accomplish... Maybe Mick, in the back of his mind, thought he was gonna accomplish something having to do with the band but, y'know, Christine is never gonna rejoin the band. She's never gonna tour with us. She's never really gonna do anything. If she wants to come up and do 'Don't Stop' with us when we're in England, I'd love to see that. But beyond that, I just don't see there was anything that could have come out of that...I think Mick was just reaching out to her as a friend, you know, to kind of give her a little support."

McVie also plans to attend the U.K. premiere of the Stevie Nicks' documentary "In Your Dreams" on September 9 in London. Fleetwood Mac's European tour kicks off September 20 in Dublin, Ireland. 

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