Chicago Working on First New Album in Seven Years
Exclusive Interview with Lee Loughnane
By: Gary Graff

has been busy recording recently, working on its first set of new, original material since "Chicago XXX" in 2006.

Trumpeter Lee Loughnane tells us that several tracks are already finished -- including "America," "Trippy Day" and "Something Coming I Know" -- and he promises that they'll definitely feel familiar to fans:

"I think it's sounding like the next progression of our band. There's a couple political, politically oriented songs in it. There's some rock 'n' roll. There's some love songs, and it's starting to sound like Chicago again. And nobody is actually telling us what to write. It's just material that's coming out. We're putting it forward and sending it around for guys to play on...We don't actually have to go into a recording studio to make it happen. We have purchased enough gear that we can record either at home here in Sedona or in California or in, anywhere on the road, and we have the gear to do it with and world-class quality material is being recorded."

Chicago has sneak-previewed demo versions of some of the songs on its website, and Loughnane says the group is considering different options for releasing the material when it's finished:

"The actual timeline is still up in the air because we're trying to figure out how this thing works...We're thinking about two songs at a time. That's this week. We don't actually have a title for the album. I don't know if we're gonna leave that up to the public. Like I said, the most important thing is we have music that's new, and we will be able to add to the new shop, hopefully something that catches on with the public's ears again the way it has all through the years with us."

Chicago is spending the summer on the road, with dates also booked for the fall and winter and into 2014.

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