Jason Bonham Discusses Led Zeppelin and Touring with Heart
By: Gary Graff

The pairing of Heart and Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience on the road this summer has turned into a celebration of the two acts mutual love of Led Zep.

Heart has long included Zep covers in their sets, while Bonham, of course, is the son of the group's late drummer John Bonham and has been touring for several years now with his Zeppelin tribute show.

The two acts collaborated for Led Zep's Kennedy Center Honor in December, and on the road they're joining forces for an all-Zep encore that includes "Battle of Evermore," "The Song Remains the Same," "The Rain Song," "The Ocean," "Kashmir" and "Stairway to Heaven."

Bonham tells us:

"Heart obviously have been huge fans, have done a lot of different Zeppelin songs throughout the years...They did say to me this time around they wanted to attempt some songs that they've never done before that they'd really wanted to do...some very challenging pieces of music, which means a lot to me as much as it does to them."

Bonham adds that Heart is uniquely qualified to take on these iconic tracks from the Zep catalog:

"I think they've got the authenticity...They really get into the whole vibe of the light and shade. It's not just crash, bang, wallop, let's throw it together, y'know? They get that Led Zeppelin was more than that. They really get the fact that they were musical...so, y'know, they want to put every element into that 45 minutes, from acoustic to heavy...and that's a little different. We're not just gonna go out and do the basics of 'Rock and Roll' and 'Black Dog'."

The Heart/Bonham tour runs through August 30, including a performance at the Wisconsin State Fair on August 1 and two shows at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles August 22-23.

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