Top 5 Rockers Named Mick
By: Kathryn Summers

Mick Fleetwood turns 66 this week! In honor of his birthday, we decided to pay tribute by compiling a list of all the other rockers named Mick, which turns out to be an uncommonly common rocker name!

1.   Mick Fleetwood

Mick Fleetwood, the man who inspired our list, is best known as the drummer for Fleetwood Mac, which he co-founded in 1967. The British musician found continued success with the band into the ‘90s before reuniting for their 2009. Over the years, Mick worked on several solo projects, including his 1981 debut, The Visitor, and his most recent album, 2009’s Blue Again. Fleetwood Mac has since reunited again for a new EP, Extended Play, as well as a new tour, which made us more excited than a rocker blowing out his birthday candles!

Mick Jagger

The iconic lead singer of one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands of all time, the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger began playing music at an early age when he became friends with Keith Richards, who of course later became his Stones bandmate.  The Stones have had unparalleled success over the past five decades, helping Jagger also launch a solo career and take a few trips to the silver screen in films like Ned Kelly and Bent.  As the frontman, Jagger obtained a prominence on stage that captivated the audience which lead to record-breaking tour sales for over four decades.

3.   Mick Mars

Guitarist and Motley Crue co-founder Mick Mars is the only man on our list not originally named Michael. Born Bob Alan Deal, Mars got his first guitar at the age of 6. The instrument had Mickey Mouse ears on it, which is where his nickname started.  In 1981, he moved to California and placed an ad in “The Recycler,” an L.A. newspaper, describing himself as a, “loud, rude and aggressive guitar player” who was looking to start a band.  Mars got the attention of Nikki Sixx and the rest is history!

Mick Taylor

Mick Taylor’s career got off to an odd start in the late ‘60s when he stood in for an absent Eric Clapton at a gig for the Bluesbreakers. Taylor joined the group for a bit before becoming a permanent replacement for Brian Jones as guitarist for the Rolling Stones.  Mick stepped in to finish recording Let it Bleed in 1969 and continued to record albums and tour until 1975, when he decided to step down to pursue a solo career. Taylor rejoined with the Stones for their 50 & Counting tour. We just hope it isn’t for “The Last Time” and that he has rejoined the Rolling Stones for good!

Mick Jones & Mick Jones

Diehard classic rock fans might know that there are in fact two rockers named Mick Jones, one best-known for his work as Foreigner’s lead guitarist and the other as the former frontman for The Clash.  Though both rockers are British and formed bands in 1976, the groups got their starts on different continents.

Foreigner flourished during the ‘70s in New York City, with Mick as the creative force behind many of the band’s hits, working as both composer and guitarist. Some Foreigner classics include “Hot Blooded” and the power-ballad “I Wanna Know What Love is.”

The Clash, a British band based in London, featured songs primarily written by Mick and bandmate Joe Strummer.  Like Mick’s Foreigner counterpart, he and the rest of the Clash began touring in the U.S. in 1980. Their popularity continued to spread until Mick’s dismissal from the band in ’83.

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