Lindsey Buckingham Discusses Christine McVie's Status with Fleetwood Mac
By: Gary Graff

So what's really going on with Fleetwood Mac and former member Christine McVie?

The issue came to light earlier this year when drummer Mick Fleetwood very publicly reached out to McVie, who left the band in 1998 and subsequently moved back to England. Fleetwood's gesture resulted in McVie, formerly married to Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie, visiting the drummer at his home in Maui and also flying to Los Angeles to join the other band members for a reunion dinner.

Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham tells us:

"The five of us had dinner together, and that was great fun. It was very interesting to see what that extra piece of the puzzle does to the overall equation...It was a trip because she was the same old person I'd always known, and she was cracking me up."

But Buckingham he doesn't foresee McVie doing much else with the band, and certainly not becoming a full-fledged member again:

"I don't know what agenda Mick may or may not have had or what he thought he was gonna be able to accomplish...Maybe Mick, in the back of his mind, thought he was gonna accomplish something having to do with the band but, y'know, Christine is never gonna rejoin the band. She's never gonna tour with us. She's never really gonna do anything. If she wants to come up and do 'Don't Stop'  when we're in England, I'd love to see that. But beyond that, I don't see there was anything that could have come out of that...I think Mick was just reaching out to her as a friend to kind of give her a little support."

Fleetwood Mac is currently on a North American tour that runs through July 6 and then heads to the U.K. and Europe in September.

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