Top 5 Family Guy Classic Rock Jokes
By: Zooby Qizilbash

Seth MacFarlane and everyone else over at Family Guy have found their niche and it’s pushing the envelope and making jokes that people either wouldn’t think to make, or wouldn’t be brave enough to. They use multiple cutaways in every episode that are just downright wrong, and that’s what their viewers love. We have assembled 5 of the most memorable and funny appearances by some of our Classic Rock legends, they include a shot at one’s poor solo career and joke about the inability of one group member to write songs.

1. Yoko Ono/John Lennon

If there is one thing Family Guy loves to rip on, its celebrity couples, especially ones that the public view as dysfunctional or that just can’t seem to stay out of the public. What better target is there for the show, then, than one of the most talked about couples in history: Yoko Ono and John Lennon.

The cutaway takes place in the season 3 episode, Ready, Willing and Disabled.  Stewie sets up the joke saying “Fess up! Or I’ll do to you what I did to John Lennon”.  


2. The Beatles/Ringo Starr

Nobody is safe in Family Guy, not even what may be considered to be the greatest rock band in history. However in this instance, the show doesn’t take a jab at the group as a whole, it instead makes fun of The Beatles’ drummer, Ringo Starr.

This hilarious moment took place in the Season 6 episode, Stewie Kills Lois.  It’s started by Brian saying “This is a bigger waste of time then Ringo’s songwriting.” This is when the absolute hilarity ensues.



3. Mick Jagger

If there is one thing that Family Guy viewers either love or hate, it’s when the show decides to have extensive cutaways, which include long, real life clips from various sources (notably Conway Twitty multiple times) and that is where Mick Jagger comes in.

In the season 9 episode, Foreign Affairs, Peter sets up  the joke claiming that, “1985 gave us the gayest music video of all time.” The show then cuts to Mick Jagger and David Bowie’s music video for “Dancing in the Street” and shows the entire video.   At the end of the video, we see Peter sum it all up by saying “that happened and we all let it happen”.  


4. Ozzy Osbourne

Some of the best Family Guy moments come from when they show someone in a different light doing something completely opposite of what they really do. As The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy’s most known and talked about moment may have been when he ate the head off of a bat, perfect for Family Guy.


5. Grateful Dead

Although the joke was aimed more towards fans of the Grateful Dead, it still was a shot towards the group as well.

The moment comes in the Season 6 episode, Play it Again Brian. After Brian tells Stewie that he is losing his mind, Stewie remembers the same feeling, when he attended a Grateful Dead concert. It flashes back to Stewie, shirtless, strung out and holding his tie-died shirt trying to trade it for a grilled cheese. His pupils are massively dilated, a side-effect of LSD use, which is one thing the group and its followers were known for.  Classic Family Guy.

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