Happy Birthday Tommy Ramone!
By: Catherine Mitchell

Forget Sex Pistols, The Clash or even Green Day. Laying down the punk blue print were The Ramones, and today is the band’s former drummer, Tommy Ramone’s birthday.

Born Tamas Erdelyi, January 29, 1952, in Budapest, Hungary, Erdelyi, along with Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone comprised the original line-up of The Ramones. Something of a prodigy, Erdelyi started as the band’s manager, but later became the drummer. This sunglass wearing youth never once played a drum until he joined the Ramones. Drumming for the band from 1974-1978, Erdelyi displayed his versatility early on.

Quite the accomplished producer, Erdelyi produced the Ramones’, now with new drummer Marky Ramone, album Road to Ruin and 1984’s Too Tough to Die.

Inducted into the hall of fame in 2002, and the last surviving member of the original crew, Erdelyi has left his mark in the world of punk. Respect one of the original kings of punk, and wish him a Happy Birthday! Do you think other punk bands have measured up to the Ramones?

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