Top 5 Classic Rock Cameos on The Simpsons


Forgotten an anniversary? Been late to work? Forgotten a child’s birthday? A wise man has an expression to sum up your feelings. In the wise words of Homer Simpson; “D’oh!”

The Simpsons premiered on Fox 23 years ago this week, and forever changed the landscape of network television. 

The residents of Springfield have had a lot of help along the way with some legendary cameos. On the anniversary of the show that gave us Homer and Bart, we look back at some of the best Rock Star appearances on this timeless show.

1.The Rolling Stones - Had enough of hearing about fantasy sports?  Well in this episode, Homer goes to a rock fantasy camp lead by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.  Sounds like a good gig! In this clip, see Mick and Keith introduce themselves to the camp:

2. Aerosmith - The band began hanging out and performing at Moe’s, after the introduction of the Flaming Moe drink makes the bar a huge success. Steven Tyler’s animated self-mistook Springfield for St. Louis!  In this clip, see Aerosmith recording the voice-overs for their animated counterparts:

3. The Who - Angered that the city now has two area codes, Homer leads a rebellion that splits from Springfield and forms the poorly run New Springfield. Homer tricks ‘The Who’ into playing New Springfield!  The band even tries to bring the city together and forms what they call the “Who Huddle."

4.The Beatles - Even the legends of rock made an appearance on the iconic television show. In one episode, Paul McCartney convinces Lisa that it’s okay to become a vegetarian!  In this clip, see George Harrison and Homer in a comedic encounter:


 5. The Ramones - The band sings Happy Birthday to Mr.Burns, much to his displeasure!  We think they sound pretty good. Judge for yourself. In this clip, see the band perform:


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