Producer Tony Visconti Discusses Bowie's New Album
By: Gary Graff

Ten years after his last album, fans are expecting a lot from David Bowie's upcoming "The Next Day." But longtime Bowie producer Tony Visconti, who helmed "The Next Day," told us one thing they shouldn't expect is to hear him playing the songs live -- or talking about them, for that matter:

"He said no, absolutely not. He just wants to make records...He said to me, 'I've played live for 30-odd years and given interviews and I don't want to do either of them anymore'...They kind of fall into the same bag, the way he thinks. He just wants to make records. He feels like that's what he's entitled to do now."

Perhaps the greatest achievement of "The Next Day" was keeping it completely secret during the two years it was being made, including 18 months of sessions at The Magic Shop studios in New York's Soho section. Visconti -- who worked with Bowie on 70s albums such as "David Live," "Young Americans," "Low" and "Scary Monsters" as well as on 2003's "Reality" -- says that everyone who worked on the project signed a non-disclosure agreement in order to keep things quiet:

"I've been keeping this a secret for two years with the members of the band and the engineers, the people who bring us coffee in the studio. Everybody was involved in this and had to sign an NDA to keep this a secret. So to finally have the dam break loose and have the world know about it, I actually had a physical response to it, a big relief in my body."

Visconti says Bowie had about 29 songs prepared for the "The Next Day," of which 14 -- including the single "Where Are We Now?" -- will appear on the standard edition and 17 on the deluxe edition. Players on the project include Bowie regulars Gerry Leonard, Earl Slick and David Torn on guitar, Gail Ann Dorsey on bass and backing vocals, and Sterling Campbell and Zach Alford on drums. Tony Levin also played some bass, while Bowie played guitar and keyboards.

The album comes out March 12 and has already topped the iTunes album charts in 17 countries on pre-orders alone.

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