Top 5 Classic Rock NYE Party Guests
By: Jennifer Williams

Long before Ricky Nelson sang about all the cool guests at a “Garden Party” we’ve been dreaming of hanging out celebrities.

Since we’re all getting ready to ring in 2013, we thought it would be fun to pick out the Top 5 Classic Rockers who would make any NYE party one to remember.

Check out our list and then let us know who you’d be on your guest list.

1. Bruce Springsteen – He’s invited because he is BRUCE.  So we just might ask him to sing “Born To Run” when the clock strikes midnight.  He’d be there already.  What’s the harm?  

2. Stevie Nicks – This was a tough call.  She is talented, intelligent and all around awesome.  Based on the Fleetwood Mac relationship shenanigans, there is a chance she could go home with my boyfriend.  That would be a bad way to start 2013

3. Sammy Hagar – We’re asking him to stock the bar and if we run out of food or drink, we heard he could drive pretty fast and get to the store and back before anyone noticed.

4. Donald Fagen – What’s not to love about this guy and what he could bring to a party?  Brilliant, funny and who knows…maybe the Dukes of September (Boz Scaggs & Michael McDonald) could show up with him?

5. Ringo Starr – Come on!  It’s not a party unless you've got a drummer.


Shout out to self proclaimed “professional music geek” and radio host Alan Cross for inspiring the idea for this list.   You can check out is blog at “A Journal of Musical Things” at

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