Top 5 Craziest Keith Moon Stunts


Keith Moon in easily one of the most infamous drummers of all time. And while his amazing playing skills are part of the reason, it was his destructive behavior and strange sense of humor that made him a Rock and Roll icon. From his rise to fame with The Who to his tragic and early death, “Moon the Loon” always gave us something to laugh about. In honor of what would've been Keith's 67th birthday, we’ve rounded up some of his best moments.

Here is our list of the Top 5 Craziest Keith Moon Stunts!

1.  Driving a Car into a Hotel Pool in Flint, MI

While on tour with Herman’s Hermits in Flint, MI, Moon celebrated his 21st birthday by drunkenly driving a Lincoln Continental limo backwards into a Holiday Inn pool. Moon was greeted by a police sergeant, who he attempted to outrun and promptly slipped and fell on birthday cake frosting and knocked a front tooth out. The damage bill was allegedly $24,000 and the band was banned from Flint, MI and all Holiday Inn Hotels.

2. Rigging His Drums to Explode Unexpectantly on the 'Smothers Brothers' Show

During a performance on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1967, Keith Moon planned an explosive surprise for the end of “My Generation”. He apparently added 10X the standard dose of gunpowder into his drum kit and set it off. It exploded behind Pete Townshend, severely damaging his hearing forever.

3. Missing His Flight to Throw a TV into a Hotel Pool

While on the way to catch a plane with Pete Townshend, Moon insisted they return to the hotel because he had forgotten something important. Under the assumption it was his drugs, the two sped back to the hotel, where Moon got out of the car, pulled a TV set out of the wall, walked out of the hotel with it and threw it into the swimming pool. When he got back into the car, he sighed “Phew, I nearly forgot!”

4. Passing Out at a Concert After Taking Horse Tranquilizers and drinking Brandy

During a 1973 performance at the Cow Palace in California, Moon passed out several times on stage while playing “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.  He had apparently taken a dose of horse tranquilizers and chased them with brandy before the show, rendering him unable to play. A young drummer named Scot Halpin got on stage to finish Moon’s performance for him.

5. Exploding the Toilets of Every Hotel He Stayed at with Cherry Bombs, Dynamite and Other Explosives

Keith Moon was infamous for his obsession with explosives, but his favorite thing to blow up was toilet seats. As the story goes, Moon and bandmate John Entwistle attempted to prank a hotel in Birmingham, AL by blowing up their plumbing system. The cherry bomb they flushed failed to go down the toilet and blew up the entire toilet seat instead. Keith apparently found the situation so funny, he blew up toilets everywhere he stayed from then on out.


What's your favorite Keith Moon moment? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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