Ford Fusion Hybrid - peanut butter and chocolate

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      Maybe it’s me, but I want my car to look good. Curb appeal matters. The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid doesn't look good, it looks great.

      2013 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid

      And while I'm opening up -- here's something else: I’m still not ready to buy into the electric car platform. Anything that changes my driving habits (where to plug in, range, etc.) has me hesitant. However, when it comes to Hybrid technology - I’m all in. It just makes sense. Peanut butter and chocolate.The Ford Fusion features a 2-liter engine making 141 horsepower and 129 pound-feet of torque, while the electric motor is rated at 118 horsepower and 117 pound-feet of torque. An electronic continuously variable transmission blends the output of engine and motor for total system horsepower rated at 188. It’s smooth off the line, has plenty of power and doesn’t strain when the motor is pushed (although it’s a bit loud when you "give it the gas" - but part of that is because of how quiet it runs when you’re only on electric).

      Here’s the best part about the Ford Fusion Hybrid: It’s smarter than you are (definitely smarter than I am). The left-side instrument cluster teaches you how to use the brakes to recapture energy for the battery (remember when you’re dad said “quit riding the brakes”? - it’s okay, the battery coach will show you that it’s preferred). The car teaches you how to be a better driver - and helps maximize MPG with adaptive cruise control that not only keeps a safe distance between you and the car in front, but adjusts the battery/motor mix to give a better balance and higher MPG (at least that was my experience driving it from Oak Park to Waterford on I-75 for a week). By the way - drove both city and highway and averaged 40 mpg. But we’ll get more into that in a minute.

      The interior is clean - with sharp lines and materials that aren’t overwhelming, just nice. A note on the seats -- as a 6’5” guy, it’s hard to find one that shapes to my frame. This car fit me like a glove. Great fit/feel/styling.

      How about the sound system? yes, the Ford Sync isn’t the best one on the market - but it’s not bad. Had no trouble syncing my phone, and the bluetooth worked without error. Navigation wasn’t the easiest to work (and I’m pretty tech savvy), but again - it worked fine.

      Here’s my bottom line on the Ford Fusion Hybrid: It’s a logical progression in the automotive timeline. Utilizing battery and gas powered engines to increase your mileage and range (40mpg was average) in a comfortable, good looking four door sedan. Everyone at Ford should be proud of this car - I’m looking forward to the continued evolution of the hybrid platform, and the role Ford will play.

      • Jim O’Brien