The next step in plug-in Hybrids

The new MyFordMobile app with real time charge station information

We've all seen plug-in hybrids. And I'm sure most people wonder about where to charge them (other than home). I spoke with Bill Frykman - Business Development Manager for Ford about the new MyFord Mobile app and with they've become the only manufacturer with real-time charging station location information (available in Droid & Apple).

In my opinion, the best (and quickest) way for plug-in hybrids to work on a larger scale is to:

  • continually develop the connection between the car, driver and smartphone (like Ford is doing now)

  • build relationships with government on a local & national level (Ford is involved in the Workplace Charging Challenge

  • and it's cool to see more and more stations popping up all over Detroit)

  • "Don't change how I drive" (perception of being tethered to a car that can only go 40 miles...when the range on the Ford Fusion Energi will be over 600 miles with fully charged battery and tank of gas).

Admittedly, I had my doubts when the first generation of plug-in hybrids launched. But watching companies like Ford move forward and embrace the driver experience with apps like MyFordMobile makes me excited for the future.