Rock'n'Blues Fest is now titled “Rock’n’Blues Fest - A Tribute to Johnny Winter” featuring Edgar Winter Band, Vanilla Fudge, Peter Rivera formerly of Rare Earth and Savoy Brown’s Kim Simmonds at DTE Energy Music Theatre on Thursday, July 31 at 7:30 p.m. See the news release from the tour below~


The music world lost a legend last week with the passing of Johnny Winter, one of the best Blues guitarists the world has ever known...

What was originally slated as Rock'n'Blues Fest to be headlined by Johnny Winter will now be a tribute in his honor featuring brother Edgar, Vanilla Fudge, Peter Rivera (formerly of Rare Earth) and Savoy Brown's Kim Simmonds for a dozen dates beginning Thursday, July 31 (see current itinerary below).

Edgar Winter and his wife, Monique, express their sentiments as follows:

"My wife, Monique, and I are shocked at the suddenness of Johnny's passing, especially since I was so looking forward with such joy and anticipation to seeing him again and playing together. I know his body is departing this physical realm, but his presence, his music, and his spirit are undiminished, and alive as ever in my heart. Johnny has always been, is now, and will forever remain my greatest musical hero of all time. But more than all that, he's my brother - in family, in music, in life and beyond. I will do my best to carry on in honor of his memory and the Winter name."

Blessings, Peace & Love, Edgar and Monique

"Rock'n'Blues Fest - A Tribute to Johnny Winter" will mark the third annual version of the tour with a show that will feature separate performances by all of the artists who will be performing their greatest hits interspersed by a selection of Johnny Winter songs.

Rick Derringer, a longtime friend of Johnny Winter and a veteran of the Rock'n'Blues Fest tours, will be a special guest at the final two performances in Las Vegas, Nevada (8/23) and Snoqualmie, Washington (8/24).

Of course, Derringer's biggest solo hit, "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo," was originally recorded by Johnny Winter, with a band that featured Derringer.

All of the artists appearing on this newly announced tribute are looking forward to sharing some of Johnny Winter's memorable music with fans.


Although the prosthetic makeup process for Planet Of The Apes takes waaayyyyyy longer we've managed to get it time lapsed for you in less than 3 minutes.

What do you think of the new series of movies vs the ol' Roddy McDowall old school version?

Leave your comments below~


Think Leon Russell isn't revered and respected by some of the best in the industry? Just check out out this video of Stevie Nicks meeting Leon and what she tells him will wow you.

This was filmed during the filming of Cameron Crowe's The Union - Stevie Nicks dropped by the Village studio where Elton John and Leon Russell were recording to meet Leon.

Stevie tells Leon how inspired she and Lindsey were after opening up for him as part of the band Fritz in the early 70's.

Join us tonight at the Chevrolet Rockin' On The Riverfront FREE concert series and see Leon Russell live on stage.


Happy Birthday to 65 year old Geezer Butler today (7/16), thought it'd be a good time to throw another Thursday Throwback vid your way. Here's the classic 1970 original music video of Paranoid from Black Sabbath. Enjoy~


Ghostbusters recently turned 30 and with gateways to other dimensions, a destructive marshmallow monster, cats and dogs living together however did Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd save us from inevitable worldly destruction???

You saw the movie so you know it all turns out fine. Now, thanks to our friends at Buzzfeed - find out 18 facts you probably didn't know about the movie.

Remember when Archie met up KISS?

Archie heroically dies taking a bullet for his friend. Exactly what you'd expect from this comic book icon from Riverdale High

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Remember when Archie met Kiss?


We celebrate another Massive Music Monday with Mr. Peter Frampton. Win tickets all day today to see Peter at Freedom Hill on July 30th… One grand prize winner scores pavilion seats and dinner before the show.

Trudi and Jim recently talked with Frampton - Listen to that HERE.


Last night we put our choir contest winners on stage with Foreigner.  Congrats to Detroit's School Of Rock & Pop Music for rockin' the background vocals of "I Want To Know What Love Is".  Check out the once in a lifetime experience photos HERE.  Great job gang!


Today's Throwback Thursday Vid is a Music video by Styx performing Too Much Time On My Hands.

Written by Tommy Shaw (who also sang lead on the track) Shaw says he was asked to write one more song for the album,the song came into his head when he was driving to the recording studio, and when he arrived, he quickly had the band record what was in his head so he wouldn't lose it.

One fashion/style point to note - even for the early 80's Tommy's hair is well....a Dorothy Hamill mullet.


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Jimmy Fallon reunite for a stirring rendition of Iggy Azalea's hit song, "Fancy." Fallon does a spot on Neil Young and Crosby, Stills & Nash join him on stage. This is why we love Jimmy!