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JT is the WCSX Program Director. If there is anything you love or hate about the station, he’s the guy you contact. He’s also owner of “Tucker” the dog. If there is anything you love or hate about Tucker the dog, well…there’s not much we can do because Tucker pretty much does what he wants.
Jon Ray

Jon Ray is the Assistant Program Director and Music Director for WCSX.  Jon also collects empty bottles in his spare time to supplement his income.  If you have any empties to donate, please send them his way.  However, do not send Mr. Pibb empties as he once had a bad experience that left him scarred for life. 
Pam Rossi overeasy@wcsx.com | website
"When it comes to what we play, each show is unique, featuring lots of listener requests. WCSX has the greatest library of music to support OverEasy, so you have plenty of songs and artists to choose from", says host Pam Rossi.
Scott Shepard  
  WCSX-----Born in Detroit Rock City. Clawson High School Class of 81 and graduated from Western Michigan in 1985. Began working at WCSX in 2002, a dream come true. Working in Detroit radio is an honor, especially with the legendary staff at 94.7 and the best rock-n-roll fans anywhere.
Peter Werbe peter@wcsx.com | website
  Peter is a WCSX Classic Jock whose history in Detroit rock radio goes back to the early 1970s where he did stints on WRIF, WABX, WWWW and Wheels. He has hosted local and national syndicated phone-in talk shows since 1970, making him one of the longest running hosts in the country.

Tune into Peter’s Sunday morning interview show from 6-7am on WCSX when he talks to interesting guests about today’s important topics.
Juline Jordan  
  Juline rocks your weekends on 'CSX and you can often find her broadcasting live at cool events around the city. When she's not DJing, she is busy honing her skills as a professional chef. If you're extra nice, she might make you a delicious lasagna.

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